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the cyrus place event

21 OCT 4pm

Secret Music 1580 Concerto Delle Donne

The singers are specialists in early music and come from North Carolina, Boston, and Cleveland. A fun part of their performance will be synchronized use of baroque gestures-- a historical fact that singers did this to stress the text...sort of like late-renaissance Diana Ross and the Supremes.
The music comes from the private or ``secret`` music for Duke Alfonso, his wife, and special guests, performed in her apartments. It showed the ``luxuriant`` wild new style.
William Simms, the lute player comes in from Virginia. Concertmaster for Alchymy Viols will be Janelle Davis coming up from NC.
Annalisa Pappano from Cincy will play viola da gamba and lirone. She's one of the best players of it in the country.
Julie Elhard, viol, will come from Minneapolis.
Erica Rubis, Sarah Cranor, Tom Gerber and I are local. These represent some of the best gambists in the country.

4 Nov 4pm

Cyrus Modern Orchestra

Autumnal Awakenings.
Repertoire: Serenade in C Minor, K. 388, Wolfgang Mozart; Battalia à 9, Heinrich Biber; Andante et Rondo, Op. 25, François Doppler; Serenade in D Minor, Op. 44, Anton Dvorák

Cyrus Modern Orchestra


Yoga - Namaste, Thursday night yogis!

With Altitud closing it’s physical space, many of us were sad to let go of our favorite weekly classes. Our Thursday night group has always been very special to me and I’ve been working on finding a new venue for our time together to practice in the community. The Cyrus Place at the corner of East Street and New York Street is the perfect place for us to reconvene. It is a church building that has undergone a two year renovation and has been restored to a kind of magical and sacred beauty. The sanctuary upstairs has beautiful, tall stained glass windows and high ceilings to bless your eyes. The floors are refinished and gleaming, a treat for your bare feet. The acoustic qualities of the space will allow the singing bowls and chanting to echo and reverberate in a way that will bring a new level of power and majesty to the sacred names of God chanted at the end of each class. I have purchased all new bolsters, blocks, blankets, and eye pillows to allow for a fully restorative practice as well as a physically engaging one. It would be my pleasure to invite you to come practice with me every Thursday night from 6:30 to 7:30, starting September 13th.
With Love,
Some points of interest:
-The Cyrus Place is located just off Mass Ave at the Corners of East and New York at 237 N. East Street.
-Drop in classes will be $15 , or 10 class passes are available for $120, payable by cash or card.
-There will be no class on September 27th or October 11, as I will be traveling.
-Please arrive early for your first class at this space to fill out a waiver and find your way up to the sanctuary.
-Please feel welcome to bring friends with you!
-Feel free to email me with questions or to let me know you’re coming:

Posted by The Cyrus Place on Friday, September 21, 2018
Mon Thu

Yoga - AUM with Rebekah Taylor!

traditional yoga right in the heart of downtown Indianapolis.
Monday- 5:30-7pm
Tuesday- 9:30-11am
Thursday- 9:30-11am
Classes are $15 for a drop-in or 3 classes for $33
cash at the door preferred.

Posted by The Cyrus Place on Thursday, September 13, 2018

So Far Consert

Coming soon!

so far the cyrus place

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